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  The lolita fashion has been around since the early 1800's. Sweet lolitas have taken a lot of their inspiration from the Victorian era....

 The lolita fashion has been around since the early 1800's. Sweet lolitas have taken a lot of their inspiration from the Victorian era. During the Victorian era, all of the dresses worn had to be modest. There was never any skin showing other than the arms. Legs were not being shown until the 1960's. Even then, women had to be cautious of what they wore. Society told women that they had to cover up so men wouldn't find them as precocious. Ironic since a lolita is a young woman who is sexually precocious. The women of the Victorian wore beautiful long dresses that had many intricate details sewn into them. The style of dresses worn in the 1800's are mostly representative of the sweet lolita. In the photo below, the woman has on a dress that has ruched bell sleeves, a low, yet modest neckline, and many floral embellishments on it. Popular dresses in the Victorian era were long in length and featured feminine designs on them such as floral prints and lace. The woman also has on a fancy hat that is bonnet like. Sweet lolitas are often seen wearing head wear that is similar in style. Bonnets, bows, berets, and lace headbands are a popular accessory for sweet lolitas. Another kind of lolita is the gothic lolita. Gothic looks started becoming a popular look in the Victorian era. In most cases, the Victorian women would wear the dresses for wakes and funerals. However, there were some women out there who rocked dark colors before they were popular. Nowadays, black is a staple color in many people's wardrobes. Even women who are not a lolita wear gothic clothing. There is also a group of people called scene or emo who are often seen wearing black clothing. Gothic lolitas especially love their long black gowns. The woman in the photo below is seen wearing a long lolita black dress with lace detailing all over. This dress could even be worn to prom and other formal events. Some of the most common accents on gothic clothing is lace, grommets, studs, and embellishments are seen in gothic lolita clothing and accessories.

There is a huge difference between the sweet lolita and the gothic lolita. One of the biggest differences being the sweet lolita's color palette. Sweet lolitas are seen wearing soft, bright, or pastel colors, while gothic lolitas wear dark ominous colors. When sweet lolitas get dressed up, they're usually wearing something that is shorter in length and has lots of bows and other embellishments on it. Some of the most popular materials that the dresses are made out of are cotton, polyester, and silk. You'll also notice them wearing gingham, plaid, polka-dotted, and pastel patterns. The accessories that they love to pair up with their outfits are small and cutesy. Cute is a sweet lolita's middle name. She is never seen wearing something that has any sort of dark vibe. When you think of a sweet lolita, think of Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz". Dorothy is seen wearing that iconic blue gingham dress with her ruby red slippers. She is a ray of sunshine in a world that is taken over by the Wicked Witch of the West. 

You can make a compare the sweet lolita and the gothic lolita with theses characters. Dorothy is the sweet lolita and the Wicked Witch is the gothic lolita. That is an easy way to recall the differences between the two lolitas. Gothic black lolitas are all about that dark mysterious look. They wear a lot of leather, lace, and silk materials. When using those materials, it adds an edge to the look. Leather isn't commonly worn, but the gothic lolita isn't afraid to make a fashion statement. Their accessories are made of a lot of silver and or suede materials. Gothic lolitas wear what everyone else thinks is "unconventional". The word unconventional perfectly describes the gothic lolita. You will never see a gothic lolita in a rosy pink outfit. Pink is just not their thing. What they are always seen wearing is clothing that is black or any color that is dark in hue. Popular accents that are seen on a gothic lolita's outfit and or accessory are chains, lace, rosaries, grommets, and studs. A lack of color is what makes a gothic lolita stand out.

My personal favorite style is that of a gothic lolita. I absolutely love the look of dark colors, especially since we are approaching Halloween. It's time to watch films such as "Edward Scissorhands", "Hocus Pocus", "Nightmare Before Christmas", and get inspired. There is something so enticing about gothic lolitas. Their fashion is one of a kind. The ruffles and corset bodice on the dress below is stunning. This is a dress that many gothic lolitas will be seen wearing. The combination of black and white is the perfect contrast. The color white is looked at as a "pure" color whereas black is seen as an "unpure" color. You could pair a lace choker necklace with this look and it would look gorgeous. Another accessory that could be added is a small clutch that is black and has bows on it to still give it a girly style. Personally, I am a bigger fan of the long black lolita dresses. I love a long elegant dress with stunning accents on it. A black dress makes a statement. Even though black doesn't necessarily stand out, it still can allow people to be drawn in. A long dress with a cinched waistline is my personal preference. Wearing black plus the corset giving the dress an hourglass shape is flattering on anyone. It's a fact that any person can pull of gothic attire. Making sure that you pair your outfit with the proper accessories is key. Simply adding an accessory or two will set the look apart from others. Once you have figured out what accessories to choose and what is Lolita Girls' fashion techniques, you will be prepared to conquer the dark realm of gothic fashion!

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