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Looking to buy a  virgin hair bundles  and don’t know which one to go for, then read on to know why Malaysian straight hair is the right c...

Looking to buy a virgin hair bundles and don’t know which one to go for, then read on to know why Malaysian straight hair is the right choice for you.Virgin Malaysian hair is one amongst the varieties of hair extension on the market today. Despite not being popular, it stands with the others in quality, strength, and texture.
Virgin Malaysian hair is extremely luxurious; its fine, thick and soft. It is usually silky and shiny and very durable and believe me it long-lasting when fixed properly. As it does not come cheap, proper maintenance can give you good value for your money and keep your hair looking fly and on fleek always.
To keep your virgin Malaysian hair straight silky always looking good means that it gets that tender loving care of proper shampooing and conditioning to keep your weaves healthy without sheds, smell and tangle free.The following processes ensure that your virgin Malaysian hair stay straight, shining and silky.
When drying your virgin Malaysian hair after shampooing and conditioning, make sure that you use a soft towel to pat it down in one direction to avoid tangling it or wrap hair for water to be absorbed by the towel. allow the hair to dry naturally without the use of heat. However, hair can be blow dried on low heat too hasten the drying process. This process ensures that your virgin bundles remain as good as new every time.
Combing: when combing your weave, use a wide round tip brush or comb that passes through the weave with ease. Comb in one direction, preferably starting at the tip to gently release the tangles with minimal shedding. To ease the combing process, apply hair oil, serum or moisturizers and brush gently.


Virgin Malaysian straight hair bundles are the easiest to keep because these brands of hair are very strong, durable and keeps shines well.To maintain your straight weave, never brush through after washing your weave but use your finger to pass through the hair to separate the strands. Allow hair to dry on its own without heat. Avoid using a blow dryer. If in a hurry, weave can be dried under low heat with a blow dryer. Hair should be divided in two sections, folded over then covered with a cap. However, a straightening iron can be used to keep the straightness of the virgin hair looking good. They should not be used always as this can cause the hair extensions to become brittle and dry and makes the virgin hair have split ends.
Bedtime is an important part in maintaining a virgin weave.When going to bed, comb the virgin hair if wearing a straight weave and wrap hair in a silk scarf, cap or hair net.Never go to bed with your hair wet.
To achieve straight virgin Malaysian hair that is shinier and silkier is easy when you follow the steps.

●Your hair should be clean and completely dry
●Hair should be partitioned into smaller sections to make straightening easy
●Comb out each section before straightening to remove tangles
●Use a straightening iron, preferably on high heat; this prevents the repeated process of passing the iron through your weave
●Apply oils before straightening, the heat makes the hair absorb the oils and makes the hair healthy and shinier
Following proper maintenance procedure as stated above; having silky, shining straight virgin Malaysian hair can be achieved within minutes to keep you hair on point always.

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